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[[ :: Pookilicious' LiveJournal Entries :: ]]
[[ :: .Friend's Only!! :: ]]
Although this journal will be public on some entries, most are now going to be Friends Only.

.:: Add Me ::.
.:: If we are friends, and if not, we can become friends.
.:: If you update somewhat, so I know that you are alive at least.
.:: As long as you know this is my journal and I am entitled to my own opinions.

.:: I won't add you/will remove you ::.
.:: If I hate your guts [very few, but you are out there].
.:: If I can't trust you.
.:: If I find out that what I say in my journal is out in the public/used against me.
.:: If you give an attitude to me/other people's opinions.

.:: Comment and Add Away ::.
.:: Comment and tell me who you are, then add me to your list.
.:: I update and check my friend's list at least once a day, so just add me and I will add you back once I figure out who you are. :3

Current Mood: giddy Giddy.
Current Music: Jay-Z - "Excuse Me Miss".

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